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Wherever you sit in the streaming ecosystem, low latency, network quality, and network redundancy are non-negotiables. Our single-tenancy bare metal servers eliminate the risk of sharing.

All backed up by billing structures that are predictable and that keep costs optimized. We know that variable demand is a big challenge. But flexibility doesn’t have to damage your margins. Adopting a hybrid approach, with a base layer of bare metal and a flexible layer of cloud offers the best of both worlds – responsive agility and predictable bills.

Billing transparency

Billing transparency

High performance, low latency network

High performance, low latency network


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Our dedicated streaming solutions

One size doesn’t fit all, especially in streaming. We understand the breadth of the industry and our server solutions reflect that. After all, what a multistreaming platform needs will be different from a content delivery network or live ecommerce platform.

Our knowledge and understanding of the streaming landscape means we can build bespoke solutions around your needs. But we also understand that, for every player in the streaming industry, there are some unwavering priorities. Priorities like stellar performance, network reliability, scalability, and predictable costs.

Sourcing infrastructure that meets all of these needs can be challenging. And sometimes a multi-vendor, hybrid approach combining bare metal strength and hyperscale cloud is the optimal solution.

24/7 world-class support

24/7 world-class support 24/7 world-class support

On average, our clients get a response to their tickets in less than 15 minutes. And, most importantly, that response is always from a human being. We believe that relationships matter. Our dedicated account teams will be ready to support you at every step on your communication platform of choice.


Bandwidth Bandwidth

Mitigate bandwidth concerns with our optimized solutions. With our dedicated servers you’ll enjoy high-capacity, high-quality bandwidth dedicated to your application.


Scalability Scalability

Scalability is a must when you need to pivot alongside unpredictable demand. But, for hyperscale cloud customers, this often comes with skyrocketing costs. By deploying a hybrid infrastructure approach with a base layer of bare metal, you can grow your infrastructure in line with demand whilst maintaining cost efficiency.

Incredible low latency

Incredible low latency Incredible low latency

Time is an important resource in the streaming world. That’s why we’re so committed to supporting ultra-low latency at high scale. By using a blend of top carriers combined with smart traffic routing we ensure low round-trip (RTT) times, fast loading speeds, and reduced packet loss.

Global private network

Global private network Global private network

Our global private network connects our data center locations across three continents meaning that nodes can communicate via the public internet without any need for additional tunneling or virtual private networks (VPNs). The traffic exchanged between our customers’ dedicated and cloud servers via our global private network is free, worldwide, forever.


Stability Stability

We know that downtime in the streaming industry can be seriously damaging, so we have redundancy built in. Our switches have two paths for both the public layer to the internet and the private layer connecting servers within our network. With two of each cable for each layer – A (primary) and B (redundant) – we can ensure physically diverse points of power and as much redundancy as possible.

Trade complex invoices for predictable billing

For the streaming industry, performance is everything. Delivering quality streams around the globe requires stable, low latency infrastructure at scale. But achieving that shouldn’t cost you your bottom line.

Swap complex hyperscale invoices for predictable bare metal billing and protect your profitability with our dedicated server solutions – designed for streaming platforms by streaming experts.

Get low round-trip times, smart traffic routing, network reliability, and top carriers. For quality streams that keep your viewers happy.

Consistent low latency - wherever your viewers are

Use our dedicated streaming solutions for low round-trip times and incredibly low latency.

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