Kubernetes clusters

Managed kubernetes clustering

Kubernetes is a market leading, production-grade container orchestration solution. We provide a simple way to deploy kubernetes clusters through our customer portal. Choose bare-metal servers for your cluster using the self-service portal. We will take care of kubernetes master nodes and everything else. A ready to use cluster provided with Web UI (Dashboard) and a kubectl CLI endpoint.

  • Lower cost of ownership

    Lower cost of ownershipLower cost of ownership

    Save up to 40% on computing and storage resources, as compared to a public cloud, by deploying Kubernetes in a bare⁠-⁠metal environment. Retain efficient resource management, seamless scaling of services, high availability; attain lower operational overhead at scale.

  • Performance and Security

    Performance and SecurityPerformance and Security

    Dedicated servers and isolated network provide enterprise⁠-⁠level security. As physical hardware is dedicated to your cluster, you know exact measurements, e.g., processors, physical cores and clock speeds.

  • Create value for your customers

    Create value for your customersCreate value for your customers

    Create value for your customers using the de facto choice for deploying new, cloud⁠-⁠native deployable, manageable, and scalable applications in production environments.

  • 60-minute provisioning

    60-minute provisioning60-minute provisioning

    Thanks to our powerful bare⁠-⁠metal provisioning technology, you do not have to worry about scalability of your projects. We always keep hundreds of available servers installed in our open racks and integrated into our intelligent hosting platform.

  • Optimize DevOps and Ops investments

    Optimize DevOps and Ops investmentsOptimize DevOps and Ops investments

    Optimize DevOps and Ops investments by making the DevOps workflow seamless thanks to Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) operations being manageable like Platform as a Service (PaaS).

  • Self-service and Automation

    Self-service and AutomationSelf-service and Automation

    Add bare⁠-⁠metal servers to your cluster using the self⁠-⁠service portal. Add RAM, upgrade networking and storage options of your servers in a self⁠-⁠service manner.