Cloud servers

  • Open-source API

    Open-source APIOpen-source API

    Our cloud operates on OpenStack with KVM hypervisor. OpenStack is a popular open platform with flexible architecture and an extensive ecosystem of ready-made integrations.

    OpenStack API support in all our cloud products allows our clients to work with different modules of the platform with the help of user-friendly standardized user-friendly tools.

  • 100% SSD storage

    100% SSD storage100% SSD storage

    Everyone needs stable, productive, and fast cloud servers. A fast cloud should have low DC-client and DC-DC latency, high server uplink, fast storage I/O, for example. Our cloud servers have local SSD-disks. SSD delivers fast I/O for demanding enterprise applications. With, SSD isn't a paid add-on, but a standard for all cloud servers.

  • 40GB network

    40GB network40GB network

    While designing our cloud, we were fully aware that if we used SSD's, other elements of the system would be good. The speed of the entire system relies on the slowest component. Every cloud node has 40Gb total bandwidth: 20Gb goes to your free global private network, and 20 Gb to the public one. Our customers get a fast network with consistent cloud performance, without paying for any 'extra' features.

  • Automatic backup

    Automatic backupAutomatic backup

    For added redundancy, we've implemented a snapshot cloud data backup system. A snapshot is a point-in-time copy of your data. With the help of snapshots, back up significant volumes of data, and this won't affect applications. Once you set the snapshot protocol parameters, it will keep backing up your data automatically.

Available configurations

Name Location RAM Cores Drives Price per month

Why choose cloud servers?

Cloud servers give you the ultimate flexibility. Some of the cloud's most important attributes are almost instant scalability, pay-as-you-go billing, and fast deployment.

One of our goals is to give our customers simple and user-friendly tools so they can personalize their settings autonomously. Customers know their needs and demands best, which is why we've automated as many processes as possible so they can customize many settings themselves.

When we say, 'fast deployment', we mean it. Our intelligent platform monitors and updates daily. During deployment, the latest version of an OS with the latest security updates gets installed on a server. Our customers get fully-functioning servers that don't need any time-consuming updates.

While designing our cloud, we knew that using SSDs would be critical to ensuring the speed of the entire system, even down to the slowest component. 

Have a specific project?

Do you have a specific project, need to make changes to a specific configuration, or have different needs? Get in touch to discuss other options.

Check out our Dedicated servers

We offer high-powered dedicated servers with cloud flexibility and scalability. We can provision and deploy a dedicated bare metal server in any of our data centers in the world in 40-minutes or less.