Cloud storage

We've worked hard to make our cloud storage as reliable as possible, to keep risks and accidents to the absolute minimum. So we created a storage system where most processes are fully automated and protected from human error. After the initial setup, our cloud storage works without requiring customers' attention.

  • Fast and fault tolerant

    Fast and fault tolerantFast and fault tolerant

    We use OpenStack Swift to store your data. We use triple replication to reduce the chance of data loss. This means three copies of your data gets stored on separate storage nodes.

  • Free geo replication

    Free geo replicationFree geo replication

    We know how important response times are for many services and applications, and storage location plays a vital role in this. We planned for this and made geo-replication settings very simple. Our customers replicate their data to another site in a few clicks, and completely free.

  • Backup tools

    Backup toolsBackup tools

    Backing up your data is just as important as storing it. Planning for the worst increases your level of redundancy, should the worst happen, and restoring data is incredibly time-consuming. The backup tools we support are Duplicity, Veeam, and Cloudberry.

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Three lines of defense for your data



SSL protocol, which is one of the comprehensive security features we use, is responsible for securing your data. SSL-encryption increases the level of sensitive data protection and prevents potential data leaks.

Objects security

Objects securityObjects security

Along with securely storing our customers' data, we want to make it easier to securely share data too. When you need to access your data stored on a private account, we want you to be able to, from wherever.

We created a Temporary URL tool for this. The URL can be valid for the following:

  • one hour,
  • one day,
  • one week,
  • or one month

The shorter the length of time, the smaller the risk to your data.

Data protection

Data protectionData protection

Human error is a significant factor when it comes to managing data, so we let customers set object versioning and trash versioning with our cloud storage. When you need this, a set amount of both live and trash versions of your data get stored. Accidentally copying a file to a wrong folder, as well as accidental deletion, won't lead to complete data loss. Your files can always be restored or backed up.