Reboot Develop Blue 2024


Dubrovnik, Croatia


22-24 April 2024



Reboot Develop Blue

Our gaming specialists Charlie and Jarrod are going to be at Reboot Develop Blue this year.

Jarrod and Charlie work in consultation with gaming industry clients to architect bespoke, low-latency solutions that ensure peak player experiences and scale in-line with CCU .

Secure a meeting in advance to talk through your unique infrastructure requirements and to learn more about our custom solutions.

Our reps on site

Charlie Bowers

Sales Executive

Competitive CS:GO may be behind him but Charlie still challenges himself every day to solve gaming’s infrastructure problems. When he’s not WoW raiding, you can find him on the golf course.

Jarrod Palmer

Head of Gaming

Jarrod Palmer is our gaming industry specialist. He knows the issues our customers face and how best to help them. He's also a great Warzone player and is the UK office FIFA champion.

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