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Knowledge Base

Hosts to use for latency tests with the ping utility

AMS1 (Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, The Netherlands) test.ams1.servers.com
AMS2 (Haarlem, Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, The Netherlands) test.ams2.servers.com
AMS3 (Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, The Netherlands) test.ams3.servers.com
AMS4 (Haarlem, Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, The Netherlands) test.ams4.servers.com
DFW1 (Dallas–Fort Worth, TX, USA) test.dfw1.servers.com
DFW2 (Dallas–Fort Worth, TX, USA) test.dfw2.servers.com
DFW3 (Dallas–Fort Worth, TX, USA) test.dfw3.servers.com
HKG1 (Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR, China) test.hkg1.servers.com
LON1 (Slough, United Kingdom) test.lon1.servers.com
LUX1 (Roost, Luxembourg) test.lux1.servers.com
LUX2 (Roost, Luxembourg) test.lux2.servers.com
MOW1 (UVAO, Moscow, Russia) test.mow1.servers.com
MOW2 (SVAO, Moscow, Russia) test.mow2.servers.com
SIN1 (Singapore, Singapore) test.sin1.servers.com
SJC1 (San Jose, CA, USA) test.sjc1.servers.com
WAS1 (Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area, VA, USA) test.was1.servers.com
WAS2 (Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area, VA, USA) test.was2.servers.com