An internet video streaming and processing company providing WebRTC streaming up to millions of viewers

An internet video streaming and processing company providing WebRTC streaming up to millions of viewers

Ceeblue is an internet video streaming and processing company that offers unique, cutting-edge online video technology solutions. They provide a cloud-based platform that transcodes and delivers sub-500ms streaming to any device, anywhere in the world, regardless of the operating system or network quality.

Ceeblue aims to make ultra-low latency streaming as flexible and scalable as possible. Just as they simplify protocol fragmentation with their one-time integration multiprotocol APIs, they also want to provide the most scalable worldwide network possible to eliminate geography and viewership as limiting factors in signal quality and latency.

Their cloud-based infrastructure makes fast, reliable live video streaming possible – while handling all modern protocols and requirements their customers could ever need. Ceeblue makes sure all viewers receive content faster, with higher quality than is possible with another service – for the most affordable price on the market.

Ceeblue are perfectly positioned at the crossroads between the passive viewing video world we’ve known for decades and the new interactivity demanded by so many fields.

The Challenge

Now more than ever, end-users and businesses demand immediate interactivity between any two points in the world and require seamless access from both computers and handheld devices. More and more, this interactivity is based on video communications, and users won’t tolerate even minimal lag (and shouldn’t have to). provides edge servers nearby Ceeblue’s clients in nearly every market they operate in with its wide footprint. This lets Ceeblue shave milliseconds off delivery times, thereby reducing the lag perceived during long-distance interactions.

Ceeblue designed their cloud to be far better than any other platform by being infinitely scalable. On the software side, Ceeblue is the only company providing WebRTC streaming up to millions of viewers. To serve up all that video, they need to run on a solid network.

The Solution

‘Ceeblue has relied on for quite some time to provide us with dependable transcoding and delivery nodes that provide the backbone of our cloud infrastructure all around the world’ – Danny Burns, Chief Technology Officer, Ceeblue.

‘We’ve enjoyed a very friendly relationship with them for many years and are more than confident in the quality of both their great personalized support services and the hardware they provide. It’s very important to us that Ceeblue Cloud is as reliable and has the least downtime as physically possible, and has always strived to achieve the same goal’, Burns continues.

‘We also kind of have a mad scientist component at Ceeblue—we’re always coming up with and trying out new ideas and technologies—and is always there to help us both collaboratively as well as consultatively. For example, has provided us with servers for testing purposes at no charge, as they understand that by experimenting and testing, we can grow and challenge the market. are great facilitators’ – Burns said.


Some of the benefits singled out by Nick Ulrich, Chief Operating Officer at Ceeblue, about working with us:

  • Solid support and collaboration

  • Strategically located network

  • Competitively priced


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