A betting platform in transition to the hybrid cloud model

A betting platform in transition to the hybrid cloud model

Fantasy Sports Interactive (FSI) have been in the Fantasy Sports market since 2012. They provide a platform for betting on Fantasy Sports competitions and markets and are a leading software provider for Fantasy Sports solutions. The company focuses on provisioning fully customizable services to gaming operators, with a product portfolio that can adapt to the regulatory requirements in any jurisdiction.

During the first couple of years, FSI was a B2C provider that gradually shifted its focus to the B2B sector.

The challenge

FSI have focused on improving their technology over the last year to establish the exciting version 2.0 of their product offering.

It is being fully rearchitected and will achieve better elasticity, scalability, high resilience, at the same time being a low operational cost and lower costs associated with new feature development. This is where the experience of has really helped.

The solution's approach of listening to our specific needs and being on our side and offering an advisory architectural and technical role in our trial period played an important role in the initial phase.

“We’ve been traditionally cloud focussed, so’s support in our effort to transition to a hybrid model has helped smooth out our internal learning curve. For our technology department, they provided a great amount of peace of mind knowing that we could address any critical issue with the appropriate level of' expertise.”

“On the commercial side, transparent and all-inclusive, easy to track pricing models were also a very important decision factor.”


Papakostas continued,

“Expertise with Kubernetes clustering and the fact that they accommodated us with a very flexible trial period arrangement played a significant role.”


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