A multi-cloud PaaS provider looking for a stable bare metal infrastructure in Europe

A multi-cloud PaaS provider looking for a stable bare metal infrastructure in Europe

Jelastic (now part of Virtuozzo) is a Multi-Cloud Platform-as-a-Service that helps customers to focus on their business growth instead of spending precious resources on IT infrastructure configuration and management.

The Jelastic platform is designed for ISVs, digital agencies, e-commerce projects and service providers to accelerate and simplify application deployment, optimize cloud spends, improve uptime and enhance security of services.

Jelastic PaaS is available as a public, private, hybrid and multi-cloud across a network of independent cloud hosting providers and global hyperscalers. Jelastic stands for freedom of choice, data sovereignty and privacy, as well as cost efficiency in digitalization and cloud hosting.

The challenge

Jelastic was looking for stable bare metal infrastructure in Europe to install its platform for a key customer. A specific requirement was the ability to provide five servers in one rack to build a Cloud storage cluster.

Initially, Jelastic evaluated a French cloud provider but it wouldn't provide five servers in a single rack.

Jelastic’s customer is based in Germany, so the data center of choice had to be located in central Europe with close proximity to Germany. The server used for the orchestrator was set up in Amsterdam, since the majority of Jelastic’s clients are in Europe. “Having the server in Amsterdam solves our previous latency issues. The server with our internal projects is located in Dallas, TX in the USA and this fulfills our need to gain fault tolerance across continents”, – Tetiana Fydorenchyk continues. met all our needs, so we decided this was the ideal match. Later we expanded onto 2 more servers: one used as an orchestrator for one of our platforms, and another to host internal resources including our website and blog.

The solution

There were several important factors that made Jelastic choose as an infrastructure solution for their customer and in-house projects:

  • Bare metal infrastructure

  • Public IPv4 availability

  • Large selection of data center geographic locations

  • SSH and IPMI access to servers

  • Monitoring availability

  • Out-of-box Anti-DDoS protection

Business results

The business goals that led Jelastic to work with were fully achieved:

“Our initial priority was to identify a stable bare metal infrastructure, and we were fortunate to gain this together with a reliable partnership. The ability to scale easily is a key benefit, in addition to cost-effectiveness that lets our customers grow smoothly”, – says Tetiana Fydorenchyk, VP of Marketing at Jelastic.

Jelastic found's technology powerful, easy to deploy, and flexible to manage. And the cooperation was highly productive starting from the very first interaction:

"It was very efficient to have a dedicated account manager who always responded more than quickly and provided all the necessary information we needed to solve any challenge. A pleasant surprise was the quality of's technical support and simplicity in terms of escalating questions", – says Tetiana Fydorenchyk.


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