An IT operations expert helping game studios to migrate their game environments to

An IT operations expert helping game studios to migrate their game environments to

How we help Zumidian offer the best for the gaming industry

We at have been working with Zumidian for over a year now and forged a strong relationship based on a shared love of gaming and helping game studios deliver their games to the world.

About Zumidian

Zumidian is a US company with a presence in both Europe and North America. They have a unique position in the online gaming ecosystem: handling the operational aspects of the Game DevOps workflow 24/7/365, complemented by other services like migration, consultancy, and infrastructure services. The team is made up of game industry veterans coming from either game service providers or game publishers. They have over 100 years of combined experience across mobile, PC, MMO, console, and social platforms. Zumidian’s knowledge and expertise has led to them working with most middleware providers, including Photon Cloud, Gameye, Improbable, Accelbyte, and Playfab – while working with the most prominent Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) providers like

Whether an online gaming company wants to outsource operations of their game(s), or they need help migrating their game environment to with minimum impact on the availability of the game, Zumidian and can help.

The challenge

Nicolas Zumbiehl – Chief Executive Officer of Zumidian:

"We’ve been working with all types of online multiplayer games from FPS to MMOs on multiple platforms (mobile, PC, console). We are completely agnostic in this respect.

Most gaming customers don’t have enough visibility on the success of their game. The ones that use high-performance bare-metal servers need to be able to scale rapidly in all geographies where they’re publishing their games.

With, it’s almost never an issue because the company keeps large pools of available servers to scale in a few hours. And if the game isn’t performing as expected, we can scale down quickly with minimal cost.”

The solution

Zumidian’s 24/7/365 coverage removes the need for game studios’ staff to be on call thus improving productivity during working hours. We handle the operational work, allowing studios to focus on other value-added tasks such as new product features and improving user experience. We can either use the game studio’s existing tools, seamlessly integrating and becoming a virtual extension, or use our own tools and systems if preferred.

Zumbiehl continues:

“Most game studios are short on time, resources, or expertise to take on a migration project, and that’s where Zumidian comes in. Our Migration Services helps game studios wanting to migrate their game environments to with as little impact as possible on the availability of their game(s).”

We’ve been working together with for over a year now because their unique set of features make them very interesting for online game companies looking for bare-metal servers. Zumidian doesn’t provide any infrastructure to its customers. We only recommend what we believe are the best IaaS providers based on our customers’ requirements.


Some of the benefits Nicolas singled out showing why he recommends to Zumidian customers.

  • A global footprint

  • Excellent network connectivity

  • Server availability globally and the ability to deploy them very quickly

  • A very good price, performance ratio

  • Great support for customers

  • Public and private networks are a must, and they come standard


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