A game developer employing infrastructure to deliver top-rated casual games

A game developer employing infrastructure to deliver top-rated casual games

Veraxen is an independent game developer and publisher focused on casual games. Veraxen’s most successful puzzle games have tens of millions of installs and are regularly featured on the App Store homepage and category pages.

The challenge

Game publishing is a complex business with a wide range of compute, storage, and content delivery workloads. To publish and monetize their games, Veraxen runs several subsystems.

Each of Veraxen’s subsystems has core requirements:

  • System uptime is critical for game back-ends;

  • Content delivery requires adequate bandwidth and reasonable traffic costs;

  • Data collection and analytics demand storage and compute resources.

Veraxen was looking for an IT infrastructure provider that can deliver strong uptime and excellent network connectivity at an attractive price.

The solution met Veraxen’s requirements and provided a full suite of computing, storage, and network services in Western Europe and the US. can deliver high uptime thanks to power and network redundancy. Each server in a data center has redundant power with automatic failover, redundant network interface cards, and may have multiple power supply units. A routable IP fabric network with active/active redundancy allows each server to stay connected even if one of its network links fail.

For content delivery tasks, each’s data center has access to a multitude of Tier 1 carriers and regional providers, and each server may connect to the internet with two 10 Gbps links.

For different types of server workloads, Veraxen can pick the most suitable solution out of a wide range of Dell PowerEdge servers available for all clients in stock or on-demand.

Veraxen has fleets of bare metal servers in’s Amsterdam, Luxembourg, and Dallas data centers.

“We use data centers in different regions to insure against downtime or data loss and to have a disaster recovery solution. In addition, having game servers close to our users improves overall gaming experience by lowering latency”, – says Vitali Miklash, CTO at Veraxen.

Benefits offers a unique combination of infrastructure quality, service, and price. We are happy with the network quality, uptime, and instant technical support when we need it.


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