Reducing time to market for decentralized storage providers by 75% with Filecoin

Reducing time to market for decentralized storage providers by 75% with Filecoin

Have you been thinking about setting yourself up as a storage provider? Put off by the extortionately long lead times for hardware and high CAPEX requirements?

We’ve got the answer.

In partnership with the world’s largest decentralized storage network, Filecoin, we have developed a data center on demand solution that removes the time and cost barriers to becoming a storage provider.

The new OPEX-only, modular data center solution allows storage providers to go from ordering hardware to having a storage solution in the market in just 6-8 weeks. To put that into context, the current solutions available in the market take around 6-12 months to stand up the same infrastructure architecture. That’s a 75% reduction in time to market.

Because it’s OPEX-only, it’s also a huge reduction in the cost required to provision and deploy the hardware. In fact, no capital investment is required up front to get started, meaning storage providers don’t need to dip into investor funds or take out a loan.

How does it work?

Partnering closely with solutions architects at Protocol Labs (the OpenSource research and development laboratory that set up the Filecoin network) we have created a group of pre-defined hardware specifications designed to run a Filecoin storage solution.

These specifications are based on:

  • Enterprise-grade Dell dedicated servers

  • Next generation AMD CPUs

  • Next generation NVIDIA GPUs

The pre-defined specifications have been designed and battle-tested in the Filecoin ecosystem, ensuring that they are fit-for-purpose and reliable. The solution also integrates seamlessly with the entirety of the Filecoin ecosystem, including the Protocol Labs one-click Lotus deployment and Aligned sealing-as-a-service.

Because the solution is modular it can scale to any size depending on budget and ambition.

Customers simply:

  • Select the hardware specification they want

  • We then deploy it and maintain it

  • And provide 24/7 support should anything go wrong

  • All on a monthly fee-basis

What else do you get?

We want to ensure that our customers get a solution that is tailored to them and their needs. Which is why every customer gets access to a Web3 infrastructure specialist for support in:

  • Designing the best fit solution

  • Ensuring deployment takes place with minimal issues and;

  • Being on-hand to resolve if any do occur

  • Ongoing optimization and scaling

 The Web3 hosting specialist that works with a customer from the very beginning will stay with them throughout their time with us.

Why is this new solution exciting?

An increasing number of companies and organizations are having to delete data because the price of storage is so high.

With this new solution we are aiming to:

  • Help storage providers become profitable faster by getting up and running in as little as six weeks

  • Remove the need for a steep learning curve in how to provision, deploy and manage hardware and instead focus on the fun part – becoming the best storage provider possible. (And if the hardware breaks, we’ll fix it)

  • Bring more people into the Filecoin ecosystem to create a more competitive storage market. (Storage providers can set their own prices and rates)

It’s about opening the doors to as many prospective storage providers as possible.

The benefits of decentralized storage

Decentralized storage is emerging as a promising alternative to traditional centralized storage which has dominated the data storage space for many years.

Organizations like Filecoin are aiming to make decentralized storage a more mainstream option for companies and create a more competitive data storage marketplace.

Filecoin is a decentralized storage protocol that allows anyone to set themselves up as a storage provider and validate them on the blockchain. By setting up as a storage provider by running a node(s) on the Filecoin network, an individual or business can earn money by storing other people’s files on their node. Once that data is on the blockchain, it’s on there forever, even if the storage provider’s node(s) goes down. 

Benefits of decentralized storage include:

  • Better security

  • Greater control over data

  • Significantly lower prices

decentralized storage

To find out more about pricing and specifications, get in touch with our Web3 team.

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