Why you need high performance dedicated servers for your business

Why you need high performance dedicated servers for your business

In today’s digital world, making sure your applications run smoothly and content loads promptly, is critical for maintaining brand reputation, getting ahead of your competitors and delivering a consistent end-user experience.

If you’re in IT and reading this article, then chances are you’re already considering high performance dedicated servers because you’re hitting some roadblocks with current hosting options when it comes to capability, security or reliability of your app.

For instance, perhaps your traffic spiked and revealed the shortcomings in your shared or VPS setup in terms of optimizations; or maybe your level of control over regulatory compliance and security are no longer being met with cloud hosting.

Whatever the issues you’re experiencing, it’s likely that a high performance dedicated server can vastly improve the situation.

Let’s take a look at the high-level benefits and key drivers for why you might need a server dedicated entirely to you and your business.

Top-level benefits of servers dedicated to you

The number one advantage of servers dedicated to your business is that they are single-tenancy; giving you complete control of your hosting infrastructure. Since you’re not sharing any compute resources with other customers, you can customize to your exact specifications and you’ll have more control on all levels: performance, scalability, customization, etc.

As the sole user of a high performance dedicated server, you can expect the following overall benefits:


One administrator can optimize the entire server dedicated to you.


Single-tenant servers offer more customization of hardware and software.


The environment on a server dedicated to you alone means no sharing bandwidth or compute resources, more RAM and storage, better server uptime, and a faster, more reliable service.


Hand-pick security software and carry out updates yourself while avoiding the potential pitfalls of multi-tenanted server architecture.


Save time and money by managing one provider with rented servers dedicated to your business.


Add extra RAM, storage, and deploy new servers dedicated to you, as you see fit.

You need a high performance dedicated server when…

1. You’re frustrated by the speed of your applications.

If you’re running processor-demanding and/or disk I/O-intensive workloads, then servers dedicated to you, offer overall better performance. Since high performance dedicated servers are rented to a sole tenant, they aren’t splitting resources across multiple customers, making data processing faster and more efficient.

Loading speeds that drag, even for a split second, will be felt by your end-users, which can have a real and negative impact on your bottom line. So, if you value a consistently high end-user experience and the success of your application, then investing in servers dedicated to your business is a necessity.

2. Your business is growing fast and your current hosting isn’t up to the job.

Servers dedicated to your business are incredibly robust and scalable. Besides being more customizable, the best dedicated servers can also handle significantly more traffic, enable faster response times and provide resilience for your applications.

If your traffic is growing fast, then a server dedicated to your application will help eliminate any lag issues when traffic spikes.

If you’re a large organization, a growing business, it’s worth finding a hosting provider that offers high performance dedicated servers that will meet and react quickly to growing demand. offers a range of high performance dedicated servers with cloud flexibility and scalability.

3. Your security needs aren’t being met.

It’s vital to most businesses today to minimize their exposure to security breaches and protect sensitive data.

All it takes is one tenant on a shared server to be hacked or infected with a virus for a server-wide security breach to occur, which can lead to downtime for all tenants.

The single-tenancy of servers dedicated solely to you provides enhanced security, since no elements of the server are shared.

The best dedicated servers also enable you to customize and adapt your security measures. For example, on servers dedicated to you, you can deploy your preferred DDoS protection, antivirus/malware, set up firewalls, add encryption and more.

4. You want a selection of hosting technology with less fuss.

Renting high performance dedicated servers from a hosting provider, will usually give you a smorgasbord of server options with varying specifications.

The server model and CPU are usually determined by the provider, but the amount of RAM, disk storage, OS, software and network connectivity can be customized to your exact requirements.

You’ll also avoid the burdens that hosting providers have to manage and pay for, such as: data center space, power/cooling, support staff, servers and network equipment, operating system licenses, and maintenance.

Why you need high performance dedicated servers for your business

Key industries using high performance dedicated servers…

High performance dedicated servers can offer the following industries a serious business boost:


Keeping players in the game is the top priority for all gaming studios and content creators. Lag and glitches are the death of gamer experiences and can lead to player churn, particularly for multiplayer environments where milliseconds matter.

Having a server dedicated entirely to their game or business, gives them complete control and advanced customization over their system architecture and the flexibility to scale up and down as required when launching new games to market.


As processors of sensitive data, Fintech services need complete confidence in the security and quality of their hosting infrastructure.

This includes ensuring their servers reside in compliant, secure data centers, in locations that adhere to regulatory and data sovereignty obligations.

FinTech providers also need reliable low latency, since order and transaction times are so critical to success. Something high performance dedicated servers can offer, alongside ultimate control over data residency and overall security.


Streaming businesses live and die by how fast they can deliver content. They’re usually battling with infrastructure challenges that come with delivering content to millions of concurrent and globally distributed viewers; viewers that are spoiled for choice and expect content without even the smallest of lags. Scalability with viewership alongside super low latency and round-trip times (RTT) are imperative for streaming success.

High performance dedicated servers can be spun up globally as edge nodes in key markets to deliver content closer to end-users, or used for tasks such as transcoding; without worrying about the negative impact that sharing compute resources might have on their load times.


Adtech platforms are often up against the clock when bidding in real-time for buyer impressions and target audiences. Supply-side platforms (SSPs) set time limits at roughly 150ms to receive responses from AdTech teams once a bid request has been sent.

Slow and unreliable hosting infrastructure that’s badly connected can lead to high network latency and missed bid opportunities, which is simply bad for AdTech business.

With a high performance dedicated server, AdTech platforms can ensure they have a fault-tolerant hosting solution, with enough capacity to quickly process bids, with low round-trip times to top SSP trading locations.

iGaming (also known as online gambling)

Besides needing high-performance IT infrastructure to deliver consistently smooth iGaming experiences for their players, online casinos and betting platforms also need to meet complex and shifting industry standards, data privacy and regulatory requirements–sometimes across multiple markets.

Servers dedicated to their iGaming applications give them exceptional security, server uptime, stability, speed and performance they can’t get from other hosting options.

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