Hybrid cloud ready

Customers come to us with specific requirements and requests, and we try to provide the most appropriate and convenient solutions.

If they wish to alter resources consumption flexibly, they would most likely go with a public cloud. If their focus is predictable performance and reliable data protection, it is reasonable to choose a private cloud. A hybrid cloud combines the advantages of both: full control of mission-critical applications and processes, as well as the ability to instantly increase computing power if necessary.

Why choose hybrid?

We provide a hybrid infrastructure combining public cloud, private cloud and dedicated servers. Hybrid environment brings together scalability, cost efficiency, security and flexibility.

  • A public cloud as a hybrid element enables instant capacity upscale and downscale. It is possible to place all non-sensitive functions and applications there and pay only for currently consumed resources.

  • A private cloud securely protects sensitive operations. There are no other tenants, there is no competition for computing resources. There is a specific amount of allocated resources, which is originally determined by the client.

  • One of the logical options is to place the mission-critical applications and processes with constant workloads in a private cloud, and variable workloads – in a public one.

  • We integrate the hybrid infrastructure in the Free Global Private Network. The traffic inside this network, i.e., between public cloud, private cloud and dedicated servers, is free. If necessary, data geo-replication can be organized in the Free Global Private Network. It will take just a few seconds.

  • Within our hybrid cloud you have at your disposal fast and reliable cloud storage enhanced by flexible data management tools. Built on OpenStack Swift platform, it offers incredibly high data access speed and triple data replication inside. You can manage your data using our own feature-rich API or wide range of FTP tools that we support.

  • As a part of our hybrid environment benefits we offer a really rapid dedicated server provisioning. No matter what type of server you choose, starter level Dell R220 or one of our most powerful Prisma Bare Metal Cloud machines. You get it live as fast as 40 minutes!


A hybrid cloud can be easily customized. A client can freely add required RAM and CPU, as well as install HDD and SSD-disks and GPUs, and allocate additional IP networks.

A client also determines the redundancy level. They just need to select the necessary RAID-file.

Cost optimization

A hybrid cloud allows for effective expenditure management. You get a necessary amount of resources at a fixed price in a private cloud and flexible pricing in a public one. We offer optimal cost allocation and strict control of power distribution with no hardware performance limits. 


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