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Payments and tariffication FAQ

Which payment methods do you have?

There are the following payment methods for individuals: card payment, PayPal. For legal entities there is a wire transfer payment method.

When will I get an invoice?

An invoice is issued in the beginning of every month and is available on the portal in the section "Billing" -> "Invoices". The invoice will also be sent to the primary email of your account.

During which period should I pay an invoice?

You need to pay an invoice for dedicated servers from 1 to 5 date of each month and for the rest of the services the payment period is 15 days from the moment of issuing an invoice.

Will you switch my servers off if the invoices are overdue?

We are always ready to make concessions for our customers and we never suspend servers without sending notifications. In case you can not pay in time, send a request to sales@servers.com.

I received a request for identity authentication. What is the purpose of this audit?

To provide security for our customers, we have developed a fraud protection system. It is an automatic audit. If you get a notification, please provide us with a documents which can confirm your identity and a photo of a payment card to pass the audit. We recommend to mask all the information except for the last 4 digits and a surname. In case a payment went through an electronic wallet, you would have to send a screenshot of a payment instrument account.

I have recharged my balance. When will the status of the invoice change?

Transaction time depends on the payment method you have chosen. However, credit of funds by e-payment is momentary, and wire transfers may take a few business days.

I have ordered a service in USD but my account currency is EUR? Where can I find an actual currency rate?

An actual currency rate can be found on the portal in section "Payment" -> "Invoices".

Why are all the services in different currencies?

Currency depends on service location. For example, prices for servers located in Dallas (USA, Texas) are in USD, and for those in Moscow (Russia) they are in RUB.

Is there any money back guarantee?

According to the policy of our company, customers can request money back within 10 days from the moment of order. To arrange a money back, it is necessary to send a request to sales@servers.com.

Do you store my credit card Information?

We do not store credit cards details on our side. We use payment service provider services in order to process your payment.