Enabling scalable multiplayer gaming for hosting platform Gameye


Gameye is a one-stop-shop platform for any game publisher or developer looking to host online multiplayer games.

Gameye offers developers an easy-to-use, reliable, and cost-effective Docker-based orchestration platform to run, manage and scale their multiplayer games on bare metal and cloud servers.

By leveraging multiple partnerships, Gameye provides its clients with all the puzzle pieces needed for running high-performance multiplayer games, including matchmaking, anti-cheat, and network solutions.

The Challenge

Gameye automatically sets up a new game session on a server close to the players when players want a match. To keep latencies low, Gameye needs servers in key locations including Europe, North America and Asia. Plugging servers in multiple locations into its network, Gameye can spin up new multiplayer sessions as physically close to the players as possible.

Players typically expect to join a new match in just a couple of minutes, if not quicker. That is why Gameye needs to be able to scale up its infrastructure quickly and easily.

From time to time, we need more servers on short notice. And with, we were able to sort out bare metal with no issues, having updates on stock levels, pricing, and everything else we need.

The Solution

To help Gameye achieve lower latencies and be closer to their players, provided Gameye with servers in key locations, including Amsterdam, Washington, Dallas, and Singapore.

To be able to scale up its infrastructure easily, it’s crucial for Gameye to have spare capacity available. has no issue in providing just that.


Just recently, Gameye helped Tornbanner and Tripwire to launch Chivalry 2. On the launch day, over 250,000 players started playing the game within the first hour. ensured that the servers were delivered on time and that support was there whenever Gameye needed it.

The launch was an exciting and stressful time, but we were ready and never worried about the performance of the servers provided by

If you are a platform for publishers and developers and are looking for low latency gaming servers with world-class support and fast provisioning, get in touch with one of our gaming experts.


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