Back building a strong partnership with Nodecraft building a strong partnership with Nodecraft

Co-founders James Ross and Jonathan Yarbor started Nodecraft to create the game server hosting company they wish they could have used. Nodecraft is a ‘batteries included’ subscription service giving gamers unique control of their servers via their core product: Nodepanel. It’s incredibly easy to use and eliminates annoyances like limits on players, type of gameplay, or modded content. Gamers simply select the server resources they want to rent and play any game at any time.

Today their team builds next-gen solutions for multiplayer. Nodecraft is built on improving profitability for game studios while offering gamers their own private worlds – eliminating pain for both.

The challenge

At its core Nodecraft combines revenue drivers for game studios, consumer-facing products, and sophisticated server orchestration to deliver a triple win for studios, players and content creators. Unlike many consumer-facing SaaS companies, Nodecraft needs newer hardware deployed in each data center which traditional infrastructure companies simply don’t offer.

‘ helps us deploy faster servers than our corner-cutting competition and remain committed to ensuring that Nodecraft gamers defeat lag.’ – Jonathan Yarbor, Chief Executive Officer, Nodecraft.

Yarbor continues, ‘the partnership Nodecraft has with lets us scale with game studios as games like Valheim and Terraria smash sales records and server purchases. The team deploys more servers and activates nodes faster than any other provider Nodecraft has ever worked with. Combined with the API, our team can automate complex network configuration - ensuring each gamer has their own dedicated IP.’

The team deploys more servers and activates nodes faster than any other provider Nodecraft has ever worked with.

The solution

After many conversations with Nodecraft, it became clear that we all share a vision for multiplayer infrastructure. With this partnership in place, Nodecraft's team could focus on building software for game studios, and we could make sure their network infrastructure and hardware stays well-maintained.

Not only did we help Nodecraft with a technically sound solution (an upgrade on their previous solution, in fact) – we could also accommodate an attractive and flexible commercial solution to ensure a smooth transition. We understand the pain points Nodecraft face, and we’re flexible enough to offer a solution that works well for them and their customers.

James Ross, Chief Technology Officer at Nodecraft, had this to say, ‘being able to talk to our account manager, all the way to C-level executives continues to give us unparalleled confidence in their product and service offerings.’

‘Their support department is one of the best we've worked with, providing consistent and reliable updates, with expected ETAs and response times well above the industry standard. We're always confident when contacting their support that any issue will be resolved, which isn’t something we can say about some previous providers.’

‘The team is consistently open and transparent with us from every aspect of their business, including network, hardware, and support. This completely open working relationship allows us to grow and scale the business without worrying about hardware or networking.’

Jonathan Yarbor, CEO, ‘working with is fundamentally different to every other vendor we've had. At the start, they jumped into our company Slack and met the rest of the provisioning team, where other companies demand using antiquated ticketing systems to make orders or discuss service changes. It sounds underwhelming, but when you're negotiating hardware upgrades or contracts for hundreds of thousands of dollars with a single vendor, it balances the dynamics of the relationship into something more equitable and less fear-based.’

‘From there, the team have coordinated with us on several non-infrastructure projects when they didn't have to. When an issue comes up, they simply call-in backup, and someone else from their team joins our connected Slack channel.’

The migration

We were happy to jump into a Slack channel to make communication quicker and easier for all involved. We’re always happy to communicate with our customers using their preferred method. Nodecraft experienced how smooth the process of doing business with us is, and the way we treat our customers – we aim to be a trusted partner for your business.

Yarbor on Nodecraft’s migration to, ‘We didn't originally plan to migrate most of our customer base to, but as the quality of service and relationship developed, it became a strategic partnership we couldn't ignore. Not only did the team create a multi-year upgrade plan for our customers, but they gave us a migration package that helped finance the transition in ways that would have taken significantly longer.’

Since Nodecraft became a customer, we've helped migrate most of their server base to It's just the start of an ongoing strong partnership. We don’t forget about our customers once they’ve chosen to work with us. Nodecraft and are already talking about exciting future projects. are a pleasure to work with. It's always incredibly easy and simple to get things done.


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