An adtech platform serving almost a billion readers using data centers in the US, Europe and Asia


MGID is a pioneer in native advertising offering a performance-driven platform for the real-time buying, selling and management of native ads. MGID’s global network services 850 million unique readers with 185 billion recommendations monthly.

The MGID platform helps publishers retain and monetize audiences while driving performance and awareness for brands by connecting them to unique audiences, at the right time, with the right content.

The Challenge

MGID was looking for a connectivity-rich, geographically distributed, and resilient hosting infrastructure with data centers in the US, Europe, and Asia.

Programmatic auctions for advertising inventory is a time-intensive process. The company wanted to deliver its content recommendation fast and keep latencies for its demand-side partners low, thus requiring access to a wide list of top-level IP carriers and a broad choice of powerful hardware.

A safe and redundant private network was also required for secure and uninterrupted data replication between multiple data centers.

The Solution

Multiple data centers with access to a blend of Tier 1 IP carriers

With our vast network of data centers in close proximity to the largest connectivity hubs, offered MGID a good choice of well-connected facilities. MGID’s infrastructure is hosted in multiple data centers located in the US, Europe, and Asia.


Unmetered global private network

All data centers are interconnected into a global private network with 20 Gbps to each dedicated server. Our global private network allows MGID to connect all their servers without using the Internet, and all traffic in the private network is free.

Fine hardware

We offer a wide range of Dell PowerEdge chassis with almost unlimited customization possibilities, which allowed MGID to pick server configurations tailored to their workloads.

Almost half of MGID’s fleet are 2-socket Dell PowerEdge R740xd rack servers optimized for scalability and performance. Equipped with Xeon Gold processors, R740xd servers allow for less time to be spent on computation, and NVMe storage offers unrivaled throughput. The R740xd chassis supports up to 24 NVMe drives.

We run multiple database management systems, including relational, key-value, and document-oriented databases. Database workloads are IO-intensive, and we used to stack SATA SSD drives up into arrays to achieve the desired throughput. With NVMe storage, we don’t need to and can only care about redundancy.


“ provides us with infrastructure solutions we need, and the level of service is top-notch!” says Evgeny Nagorny, Chief Technical Officer at MGID.

“Account managers, solution architects and the support team, all very responsive and qualified. Whether we need new servers, upgrades, maintenance or assistance from the technical support team, we get them to the full and in time.” 

By utilising a mixture of our products and services, MGID have been able to achieve their goals of delivering content recommendations fast and keeping latencies for demand-side partners low, which gives MGID an edge in the highly competitive world of adtech.

Information about our dedicated hosting solutions for the adtech world is available here. If you'd like to speak to us about your infrastructure needs, please contact us


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