How to create and access a Windows-based cloud server

1. Creating a Windows-based based Cloud Server

Go to Cloud Servers → Create & Manage.

A screenshot of step 1 to create a Windows-based based Cloud Server

Click «Create virtual machine».

Cloud server management dashboard with 'create virtual machine' button

Enter the name of your virtual machine, choose the region, in the distribution list, select Windows 2012 R2 Standard, select the desired configuration and click «Create VM» at the bottom of the page.

Cloud VM creation form with pricing and region options

2. Setting a password for a Windows-based Cloud Server

Before connecting to a server running Windows for the first time, you must set a password. To do this, go to Cloud Servers → Create & Manage, select the server ordered earlier. In the new window, click «> _VNC console».

Cloud server management interface displaying VM details and GPN status

Make final adjustments in the new window, and the last step will be setting the password for the Administrator in a special window.

The password must be at least eight characters long with at least one uppercase letter, at least one lower case letter, and at least one number or punctuation character.

Enter the password and click «Finish».

Windows user account creation screen with administrator username

3. Connecting to a Windows-based Cloud Server

3.1. Guide for Windows users

Press the key combination Win + R. In the new window, type «mstsc» and click «OK».

Windows run dialog box prompting for remote desktop connection

After launching Remote Desktop Connection, enter the IP of your Cloud Server and click «Connect».

Remote desktop connection setup window

Enter your username and password, and click «OK».

Windows security credentials prompt for remote connection

3.2. Guide for MacOS and Linux users

To connect via your local computer that is running MacOS or Linux, you need to install any RDP-client (for example, Microsoft Remote Desktop for MacOS and Remmina for Linux). Let us consider the rdesktop connection. Open the Terminal and type the following command:

rdesktop external_ip_of_machine -u Administrator -p your_password

Replace external_ip_of_machine with the external IP of your Cloud Server.

Replace your_password with the password for Administrator.


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