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How to setup L2TP over IPsec for iDRAC on Mac OS X

1. Go to System Preferences → Network, then click "Create a new service".

2. In the "Interface" list choose "VPN", in "VPN Type" list select "L2TP over IPSec". Enter a connection name and click "Create". 

3. Input login credentials from portal.servers.com, where: 

  • Server Address: VPN server
  • Account Name: Login

4. Click "Authentication Settings...", a new window will appear, enter the following details from portal.servers.com:

  • Password: Password
  • Shared Secret: Shared secret

Click "OK", then "Apply".

5. To connect to a newly created VPN press "Connect".

6. As soon as VPN connection is established, add a route to iDRAC's network. Run in Terminal app:

sudo route -n add -interface ppp0

Please note that it is required to run this command each time you connect to VPN.

You can add a bash alias to run this command more simply.

Add the following line at the end of the ~/.bash_profile file:

alias drac='sudo route -n add -interface ppp0'

Apply changes by running:

source ~/.bash_profile

Now you can simply run " drac" command in order to add a required route!

7. Now you can access your iDrac via address specified on server's page at portal.servers.com.