An invoice is a document that lists the services that you have consumed within a billing period. Regardless of the order date, the billing period is always equal to a calendar month. A charge for most products will be calculated proportionally. For example, if you consume a service from the middle of the month, you will pay for half of the month.

Invoice status

A pro forma is an estimated bill of sale that provides the customer with a breakdown of the expected upcoming charges ahead of delivery of services. It is not an invoice and therefore may differ from the final invoice that is issued once a transaction is complete or the service has been delivered.

An outstanding invoice refers to an invoice that has been issued and needs to be paid by an agreed due date. If it is not paid by the due date, the status of that invoice will appear as overdue.

When payment for an invoice has been processed and accepted, the status changes to paid.

Service type

Each service consumed within the billing period is included on the invoice as a separate line item. Each service will be listed under one of two categories:

  • Pre-paid – will include dates for an upcoming month.

  • Post-paid - a service that includes dates of a previous month. Usually, this relates to services where usage value may vary within a billing period. For example, traffic overuse.

Both types can be distinguished by the dates on the invoice. A post-paid service will include dates of a previous billing period and a pre-paid will include dates of an upcoming billing period.

Invoices in Customer Portal

Outstanding invoices are available in our Customer Portal in the Billing → Invoices section on the first day of each month.

An invoice can be accessed in two formats:

  • PDF - suitable for printing;

  • CSV - a tabular format that can be easily processed by other applications.


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