About dedicated servers

Dedicated or bare-metal servers are 'physical' servers. Each server offered for rent is a distinct physical piece of hardware that is a functional server on its own. They are not virtual servers running in multiple on shared hardware. Dedicated servers have a single 'tenant'. They are not shared between customers.

Dell PowerEdge servers

The majority of our servers are Dell PowerEdge rack-mounted servers. Most of the models allow for ‘hot’ replacement of cooling fans and PSUs. Our experience proved the reliability of Dell servers and their value, including low maintenance requirements.

Dell servers come with an autonomous subsystem providing management and monitoring capabilities – iDRAC. iDRAC is a piece of hardware that sits on the server motherboard and allows for server management even when the server is turned off. iDRAC provides both a web and command-line interfaces.

We offer R220, R230, R240, R330, R340, R430, R440, R530, R540, R730xd, R740xd and T630 chassis. 

The server models' naming generally consists of a letter followed by three numbers (e.g.: PowerEdge R240). The naming convention is as follows:

R  – Form factor (R – rack-mounted, T – tower)

2  – Class (1-3 for 1 CPU systems, 4-7 for 2 CPU systems)

4  – Platform generation (with 4 for 14th gen.)

0  – CPU (0 for Intel and 5 for AMD)


A single-socket (single CPU), single PSU system in the 1U size. They are installed into server racks equipped with Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS). See the “Power redundancy” subsection here.  R2xx servers usually do not have a RAID controller installed because the second network interface controller occupies the only PCI expansion slot – see “Network redundancy” here.


Pretty the same as R2xx, but it has two power supply units (PSU).


Dual-socket 1U system. Two CPUs allows for more RAM, more PCI lanes, and so on.


2U dual-socket system. Has more storage slots, expansion slots, and PCI lanes than R4xx.


2U dual-socket system for storage and data processing workloads. Up to 26 x 2.5” drives per server.


They are explicitly used for GPU servers. Despite being the "tower" type, the chassis can be installed into a server rack as a 5U unit.


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