Dedicated servers FAQ

Servers of which manufacturer do you provide?

We provide DELL servers.

How much traffic is included in the tariff package of my dedicated server?

Free traffic quota depends on location and network bandwidth of the server.

Servers with 1Gbps bandwidth in Dallas (TX, USA), Amsterdam (the Netherlands), and Luxembourg come with 20 TB (20002 GB) of traffic included per month.

Servers with 1Gbps bandwidth in Singapore come with 2 TB (2002 GB) of traffic included per month.

Can I have unlimited traffic with a dedicated server?

Unlimited traffic is an option. Please request a quote by sending a message to

What time is it takes for a dedicated server to be provisioned to a client?

Provisioning time for the first server in the order is 40 minutes, the rest are provisioned within 24 hours.

How do I access the server?

You can use the "VNC Console" feature of our Customer Portal to access the console of your server. Press the button of the same name on the "Details" page of your server in the "Dedicated Servers > Manage" section of the Portal.

You can also use your Dell server's out-of-band management platform called iDRAC. iDRAC credentials are available on the "Details" page of your server in the "Dedicated Servers > Manage" section of the Portal.

And you can connect to your Linux server using SSH, and connect to your Windows server using Remote Desktop (RDP).

What is iDRAC?

Your Dell server's out-of-band management platform is called iDRAC. iDRAC controller has its own processor, memory, network connection, and access to the system bus. Key features include power management, virtual media access and remote console capabilities, all available through a supported web browser.

We have a number of iDRAC-related articles you may find useful:

Can I install a custom OS on my server?

You can boot from a custom image and install an operating system of your choice by using your Dell server's out-of-band management platform – iDRAC.

Please refer to the "How to boot from an image using the iDrac" article.

How private network traffic is billed?

You can combine your bare metal servers, cloud servers and cloud storage using our Global Private Network. Private network traffic is free, including traffic between servers in different data centers.

What are the addresses of your DNS servers?

Our DNS-servers are as follows:





How can I check round-trip times to your data centers?

We provide a test server in each data center to measure round-trip delays (ping) between your location and our data centers. Please refer to the "Hosts to use for latency tests with the ping utility" article for the list of test servers.

Do you provide protection from DDoS attacks?

We do not provide an off-the-shelf DDoS protection service. We recommend using our network-based, fault-tolerant, stateful packet filtering firewall service to prevent unwanted traffic from reaching your servers and reduce the surface for attacks by filtering traffic that isn't expected on protected hosts.

Please note the option is only available for dedicated servers.

How can I cancel the server lease?

You can cancel the server lease on the server's "Details" page in the "Dedicated servers > Manage" section of the Customer Portal.

In accordance with the service policy, the server lease will be terminated in 30 days after cancellation in the Portal.

How can I order additional IP-addresses?

You can order up to 64 additional IP-addresses for each of your dedicated servers.

Use the "Allocate alias IPs" button on the server's "Details" page in the "Dedicated servers > Manage" section of the Customer Portal.

Can announce my IP block of IPv4 addresses? can announce your IPv4 block. In order to have your IPv4 block announced, requires the following set of documents:

  • Letter of Authorization from IP address owner

  • Letter of recommendation from one of company's long standing business partners

  • A written explanation of the reason for the company to use large amount of IPv4 addresses

What OS can I install on a dedicated server?

Please refer to "Operating systems available for automatic installation on dedicated servers" for the list of operating systems available for automatic installation. You can also install any OS of your choice following instructions provided in "How to boot a dedicated server into a custom OS image using iDRAC".


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