How to disaggregate network interfaces on a Proxmox server

This instruction guides you through the steps of link disaggregation on a Proxmox server. The process consists of actions performed both on the Proxmox server end and on a switch.

It’s important to start by noting the difference between link aggregation and redundancy.

Link aggregation is a way of uniting network interfaces to merge throughput capacities and to provide fault tolerance if one of the links fails.

Redundancy enables the second network interface via a switch within a public or private network.

In some cases, it's enough just to disable redundancy. The second public or private interface will be switched off via a switch and only one physical port will remain at your disposal. However, an IP address will be still assigned to the aggregated channel.

This operation will lead to the Proxmox server's unavailability as long as the server and switch configurations of bonding don't match.

To do this:

1. Open `/etc/network/interfaces` with a text editor

2. Edit the configuration in accordance with the sample below (settings for disaggregated interfaces):

auto lo
iface lo inet loopback
auto en_int0
iface en_int0 inet static
    address $Private_IP/29
    post-up /sbin/ip route add via $Private_GW dev en_int0
    post-up /sbin/ip route add via $Private_GW dev en_int0
    post-up /sbin/ip route add via $Private_GW dev en_int0
auto en_ext0
iface en_ext0 inet static
    address $Public_IP/29
    gateway $Public_GW
  • en_int0 - a name of the internal interface

  • en_ext0 - a name of the external interface

  • $Public_IP - a public IP address

  • $Public_GW - a public gateway

  • $Private_IP - a private IP address

  • $Private_GW - a private gateway for each private subnet

3. Save changes and restart a networking service by performing the command:

systemctl restart networking.service

4. Perform disaggregation in the Customer Portal:

  • Dedicated Servers → Manage

  • Choose a necessary server

  • Go to the Uplink section and click on the Disaggregare button

How to disaggregate network interfaces on a Proxmox server


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