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Knowledge Base

Creating a VPN gateway and getting credentials

Creating a gateway

You can create a new gateway in the "VPN to Global Private Network" subsection of the "VPN access" section of the customer portal.

1Click the "+Create" button,
2Choose the region where the gateway will be created,
3Enter username for at least one user,
4Click Save.

You will see your new gateway in the "VPN to Global Private Network" list:

Getting credentials 

To get VPN credentials for a user:

1Click on the region name of a gateway,
2On the opened "VPN to Global Private Network Details" page, click the "Show" button next to the user name you want credentials for.

You will be presented with four values:

  • VPN server – VPN gateway's IP address,
  • Login – user's login,
  • Password – password,
  • Shared secret – shared secret.